cre6Crèche and Reception

Starting from two and a half years old and up to Reception, our Crèche offers our children the first steps in the long ladder of education by introducing through a play/learning environment, all the skills that are necessary for school readiness.

Each class has its own professionally qualified teacher and assistant teacher to conduct their teaching in a friendly and caring environment whilst nurturing developmental growth and learning.

The Crèche Manager oversees the smooth running of this school with its own kitchen facilities, sick bay and swimming pool. The friendly, welcoming smiles of our children show that they are happy in their environment and that they can easily graduate from Reception to Standard One at GIS.

SAM_0594Junior School

Learners enter our Junior School at the age of five and turn six in their first year. Standard 1, 2 and 3 build a solid foundation by emphasizing literacy and numeracy.

In Standard 4, learners start preparing for their final Primary School Leaving Examination written in Standard 7.

Learners will work in their core Primary Curriculum (PLSE Syllabus) enhanced by specialized subjects of English, Setswana, French, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies/ Cultural Studies, Agriculture, Religious and Moral Education, Design and Technology, Arts and Crafts, Music, ICT, Physical Education.

Learning is supported by the modern and specialized classrooms, a computer lab, a library, a swimming complex, an athletic track and pavilion, a football pitch and paved ball courts.

Our open door policy encourages a parent-teacher conversation that works for the benefit of our children.

SAM_1108Senior School

Our Senior School follows courses offered by the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Our programme offers two tracks: Sciences and Humanities/Commercials. Each course offers 4 compulsory core subjects and 4 optional subjects.

This is a FOUR year course with general introduction serving as a foundation in Form 1. Core and optional subjects are started in Form 2 and final examinations written in Form 4.