Terms and Conditions

Admission Policy
Gaborone International School (Crèche, Junior and Senior Schools) is located on plot 37224, Block 8
and is run by highly professional staff with special care and attention to learners’ academic, physical
and moral needs. The schools are English Medium, and the Core Values of GIS are Generosity,
Integrity and Self – Discipline. Besides the prescribed national syllabus (PSLE), we teach an enhanced
curriculum to enable each learner to compete on international standards (IGCSE), and embrace the
world with a smile, confidence and success.
1. The school does not reserve any seats for religion, ethnic, political, or any class of people and is
not biased or inclined to any one because of colour, creed, language or nationality.
2. Admissions are based on the age of the learner to ensure that all learners in a particular year
group are of a similar maturity level.
a. Admission to classes in Junior and Senior School is subject to an Entry Assessment
Test/School Readiness Test by a senior staff member to determine if the new learner is
capable to cope with our standards of learning to ensure the learner does not feel out of
b. After the Entry Assessment Test/School Readiness Test, parents will be informed about
the results.
c. The school has the right to remove the new learner in the first three months, if they are
experiencing problems coping with our syllabus and standards of teaching, or continues
in acts of misconduct or violation of rules.
d. Learners who are expelled from school as a result of committing Category C of offences
in the school’s disciplinary Code of Conduct will not be reimbursed whatever amounts of
money they have paid as fees to the school.
4. The current tuition fees and charges are subject to review once every year and parents will be
notified of any increase a term in advance.
5. PARENTS are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure learners are brought to school on
time and are collected on time.
6. Should you have any queries regarding our any of our policies, please do not hesitate to
discuss the matter with the Principal to seek clarification before signing the undertaking.

is paid once per learner and if the learner leaves and returns at a later date
the Development Levy does not have to be paid again.
6. Tuition Fees can be paid in 3 monthly installments in advance to ensure all fees are paid on or
before the first day of the new term.
7. Learners whose tuition fees are not paid at the start of a new term will be excluded from classes
until such time that the fees are paid in full for the term. Tuition Fees shall not be refunded for
time the learners are out of class.
8. The current tuition fees and charges are subject to review once every year and parents will be
notified of any increase a term in advance.
9. External Examination Fees are not included in the tuition fee and are payable separately on or
before the closing date. No late entries will be accepted.
10. Examination fees will not be accepted unless the school tuition fees are paid in full for the term.
11. If school tuition fees are not fully paid up before external examinations commence, the learner
will not be allowed entry into the examination room.
12. School Text Books should be returned at the end of each academic year. Any text books that
are not returned/lost or damaged beyond repair will be charged for.
13. Learners who leave the school for any reason during the term (Including suspension, withdrawal
or expulsion) should also return all school text books to avoid charges for the text books.
14. No transfer letter/ letter of release/certificates will be issued until all school text books have
been returned and all school fees paid in full.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Principal for any clarification regarding the financial policy of
Gaborone International School.
“Thank you for choosing GABORONE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Where quality education and
affordable fees meet”